Addressable TV Advanced Advertising DAI Programmatic STB-Data

Session Six: The Future of Advertising

Wolfson Theatre May 18, 2017 11:30 am - 1:10 pm

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Simon Thomas
Daniel Stephenson
Brian Golbere
Justin Gupta
Caitlin Gelles
Allen Klosowski
Andrew Rosenman
Tim Sewell

This session will explore the viability of ad-funded content production and distribution. It will offer insights into the data-tech and ad-tech that can transform television advertising (broadcast and online) and cover how the free-to-air market can compete with Pay TV innovation.


Session moderator: Andrew Rosenman, President, Arise Communications


11:30    Insight:  The impact of dynamic ad insertion for broadcasters in live streaming

Tim Sewell, CEO, Yospace


11:40     What the world’s largest media buyer wants from TV

  • What we think about TV as an advertising medium, and what we use it for
  • How we use ‘digital’ advertising – and how we use TV and digital together
  • The advertising innovations we want from broadcasters and platform owners
  • GroupM is increasing the pressure for household level addressable advertising – why?
  • What happens if television is too slow to master data-driven and precision advertising?

Simon Thomas, Global Director – Audiences Research, GroupM / MEC


12:00    How Sky has made TV advertising more effective – and created a new revenue stream

  • How some brands use household-level addressable advertising to improve marketing efficiency
  • Why buyers want unified TV and multiscreen campaigns – and how we deliver them
  • The evidence that addressable broadcast TV advertising attracts new money into television
  • Using known TV viewing to determine how you advertise to people online, and vice versa
  • Advanced advertising as a new profit centre and a way for platform operators to diversify their business

Daniel Stephenson, Head of Sky AdSmart, Sky


12:20  OTT: The economics of shifting audience and the intersection of new buying models

  • Key OTT trends and changing expectations from brands and agencies
  • Value Inversion: The impact of audience based buying on traditional time and content models
  • The economic implications of the traditional TV business transitioning to device-targeted ad delivery in the UK
  • Future considerations for implementing audience based data strategies

Allen Klosowski, Vice President – Mobile & Connected Television, SPOTX


12:30    Panel: Is TV delivering what marketers need, and how do we improve advertising prospects?

  • What future is there for free, ad-supported television – can we rely on this business model to fund premium content?
  • Is TV delivering the audiences advertisers need among younger demographics and are we measuring them accurately?
  • What are the ad-tech or data-tech innovations that will deliver the biggest or fastest improvements to TV advertising?
  • How do free-to-air platforms get access to the STB viewing data, consumer lifestyle data and ad-tech needed for more targeted TV?
  • GroupM is increasing the pressure for addressable TV advertising, so can broadcasters afford to ignore them?
  • Some advertisers have been moving budget from TV to ‘digital’ advertising: Why – and are they making a mistake?

Moderator: Andrew Rosenman, President, Arise Communications
Daniel Stephenson, Head of Sky AdSmart, Sky
Brian Golbere, GM, Emerging Technology, IPONWEB
Justin Gupta, Head of UK Broadcast & Entertainment, Google
Caitlin Gelles, Vice President, Partnership Strategy and Revenue, SintecMedia