Session Three: Evolving and Improving User Experience

Seligman Theatre May 17, 2017 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

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Michael Roedel
Christian O. Petersen
Tom List-Brain
Joost Negenman
Charles Dawes
Dr. Randolph Nikutta
Adam Nightingale
Thijs Bijleveld
Miles Davies

In this session on Evolving the User Experience we’ll be looking at the next big challenges for both service providers and UX developers.

11:00  Three UEX innovations that will keep TV ahead of the game

  • The virtual reality video UX with hands-free and remote-free navigation
  • Smart watches for TV including remote control functions, recommendations and social sharing
  • VOD for linear-centric consumers: Movies already playing, restart or ‘change channels’ to another unicast stream

Adam Nightingale, SVP International, Accedo


11:10   How NPO is helping viewers to navigate from linear to OTT and back

  • The problem we are solving – helping viewers find content, including VOD, outside the linear viewing peaks and keep them in our eco-system
  • Our world-first solution: A ‘call to action’ around linear shows on set-top boxes with HbbTV, based on a second screen framework
  • How we will learn personal preferences and optimize recommendations as viewers select or disregard the viewing option or classic EPG schemes
  • The technology behind the UX innovation, and the commercial benefits to NPO and our platform partners KPN, 24i and Metrological

Joost Negenman, Senior Policy Advisor R&D, NPO, Dutch Public Broadcast


11:25    Building a conversational UI for television

  • Voice interfaces beyond Siri, Alexa and ‘Ok Google’, and the potential for conversational UI in the TV industry
  • How we move from “Tune to NBC” command-and-control to real, smart and personalized conversations you want to continue
  • The challenges when making bots behave like a human but think like a computer, and what we have learned so far
  • How consumers interact with software; The latest developments in natural language processing and machine learning
  • So where can conversational bots deliver the real value, and “What should I watch tonight?”

 Christian O. Petersen, Director of Product, Personalization and Personal Media, Comcast 


11:45   Content discovery is still too hard – this is how you make it easy

  • Why barriers to finding content are still too high, even for Millennials, and the UX design innovations that reduce them
  • Beyond recommendations to predictions, which take account of viewing habits and your unique situation at a moment in time
  • Making predictions available while you are already watching content, so you can review them and ‘trade-up’ to something better without exiting
  • Smarter integration with online content including user-filters that show all relevant content, or only what you subscribe to or can watch free
  • The impact of voice control and real conversational search, like “I want the film with Hugh Grant – something about weddings”

Charles Dawes, Senior Director, International Marketing, TiVo


12:05 The latest thinking on the cloud-based browser UI

  • The benefits of cloud UI and uses-cases beyond the EPG, including gaming and onboarding multiple OTT apps to a set-top box platform
  • Single-stream approach (converging applications and media before delivery to clients) versus double-stream (delivered separately)
  • Deciding how much of the UI functionality you transfer to the cloud – the latest thinking from Deutsche Telekom
  • The opportunity and challenges if managing multi-DRM from the cloud, converting and re-encrypting streams to suit each end device
  • With GSMA and WC3 focused on cloud UI, what are the implications for future developments including vendor interoperability?

Randolph Nikutta, Leader Interactive High End Media, Deutsche Telekom


12:20 Panel discussion: The Television UEX: what do we need to master next?

  • How do you prevent viewers from spending three hours a night in ‘onboarded’ OTT apps and ‘bring them home’ to traditional TV?
  • Is the cloud UI a viable approach to delivering an advanced user experience on older STBs or lower-cost devices like HDMI dongles?
  • How can we get younger viewers watching more linear TV, and older viewers watching more on-demand?
  • What is the potential for voice-based command-and-control; Does TV need to go further and provide meaningful conversations?
  • What are the best ways to integrate social media with TV and can ‘social’ be used successfully as a recommendation and navigation tool?
  • What challenges and opportunities does virtual reality present for UEX developers?

Thijs Bijleveld, SVP Sales and Marketing, Metrological
Michael Roedel, Group Lead User Experience Design, Vodafone
Adam Nightingale, SVP International, Accedo
Tom List-Brain, Senior UX Designer, EE
Miles Davies, Head of Interaction Design, YouView