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Session Seven: The Future of Operations: Driving Down Cost and Increasing Agility

Seligman Theatre May 18, 2017 11:15 am - 1:10 pm

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Erwan Nedellec
Ed Silvester
Massimo Bertolotti
Clive Malcher
Sten Lawaetz
Alejandro Casal Gómez
Murray Kirk
Simon Trudelle
Paul Selley
Rob Gallagher
Philippe Alcaras
Peter Kummerfeldt
Colin Dixon

This session will look at changing the operations environment to improve business prospects including unified workflows and head ends, head end virtualization and orchestration, television-as-a-service. A variety of distribution innovation will be covered including IP distribution, multicast vs unicast and CDN strategies.

Session moderator: Rob Gallagher, Research Director-Consumer Services, Ovum


11:15   Insight: The impact on service agility when you unify broadcast and multiscreen metadata workflows

  • Why metadata will increasingly determine how much content people watch on your service, and how much they spend
  • The problem with separate broadcast and multiscreen metadata workflows, and how to implement a unified platform
  • How consumers, operations, content marketing and the CFO benefit from shared broadcast/multiscreen metadata processing.

Clive Malcher, Vice President of Market Development – EMEA , Piksel 


 11:25   “Software is Eating the World” – including the Connected TV Ecosystem

  • Software is growing in importance every day, and it impacts the world in every aspect (culture, organization, business, architecture)
  • Change driven by software creates new opportunities:  for tier 1 telcos the opportunity lies within developing evolutionary architecture and innovating quickly
  • Pros and cons of making your own service platform vs common off-the-shelf products
  • Assessing the impact of this evolution on the relationship between the component providers and the telcos

Erwan Nedellec, Senior Expert on TV technical solutions , Orange France


11:40     The world-first workflow that reduces contribution costs and boosts choice for streaming sports services

  • Our trans-global IP contribution and distribution network for live sports, built on standards and fully automated
  • The adaptive mezzanine concept: multiple GOP-aligned streams and all ‘products’ packaged from the same base streams without post-encoding
  • Automatic cherry-picking from a plethora of video, audio and sports data options to build the perfect local sports streaming service
  • How our ‘late-muxing’ works and how it differs to late-binding audio: audio added to video late, but before the edge
  • The revolutionary impact of ‘late-muxing’ including better commentary options like Irish accents and home team bias

Ed Silvester, Head of Video Platform, Perform


11:55   How YouView embraced cloud technology to re-engineer and redesign its entire TV platform

  • The rationale for our bold move to the cloud, and the technologies and processes we have embraced
  • The upgraded features delivered instantly to every YouView STB in the market, including more personalization and better data insights
  • Our powerful new UI, rendered in HTML 5, that made every STB feel new again – and what processing is performed in the cloud or locally
  • Why the cloud means faster innovation; How life changes when you can enhance features in days; Our roadmap including multiroom
  • What we learnt moving to the cloud, and three things you cannot afford to get wrong

Murray Kirk, Head of Cloud Services, YouView


12:10    Panel discussion: What the operations revolution means for media companies and their consumers

  • Some companies use streaming video as an alternative to broadcast – is this the start of the migration to an all-ABR video world?
  • What is needed to make streaming video as robust and scalable as broadcast; What role is there for multicast ABR?
  • Does virtualization mean the unification of broadcast and multiscreen back-offices and workflows is now easy, and imminent?
  • How do we make it easier to manage multiple STB types and middlewares in the field, and is virtualization of STB functions one solution?
  • How will the revolution in TV operations reveal itself to consumers – how will services or prices change?
  • What impact will the ‘TV as a service’ model have on the television ecosystem: will reduced risk mean more competition?
  • What is changing in your operations department that will have a meaningful impact on your service agility and cost-base?

Moderator: Rob Gallagher, Research Director-Consumer Services, Ovum
Sten Lawaetz, Head of System Architecture, Platform and TV CPE, TDC
Massimo Bertolotti, Head of Engineering and Innovation, SKY Italia
Alejandro Casal Gomez, Product Owner (CSPO) Technology Labs TV, KPN
Simon Trudelle, Senior Product Marketing Director, NAGRA
Paul Selley, Account Manager, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Iceland, AWS Elemental


12:50    Q&A: Understanding the opportunity for premium Wi-Fi

  • Updates on recent consumer survey about in-home Wi-Fi expectations
  • Innovative, real-world examples from the use of Smart Wi-Fi
  • The future of in-home performance monitoring and QoS
  • New revenue models and monetization opportunities that premium Wi-Fi provides

Moderator: Colin Dixon, Founder and Chief Analyst, nScreen Media
Philippe Alcaras, CEO, AirTies
Peter Bernard Kummerfeldt, Senior Business Development Manager, Waoo!