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Session Five: Data-driven TV

Wolfson Theatre May 17, 2017 4:15 pm - 5:40 pm

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Oliver Hansard
Sten Lawaetz
Sanjeevan Bala
Nick North
Steve Christian
Jon Block
Roland Sars

Data has entered the TV space in multiple ways and it is here to stay. In this session we will look at data analytics as a way to improve content discovery and content creation; cover data insights that improve marketing and hear about business decisions that managers had to make. We will finish off with a panel where panelists talk about re-evaluating and establishing the overall data strategy of TV companies or today and tomorrow.
Session moderator: Jon Block, EMEA VP of Product & Platform, Videology


How effective use of data will strengthen the premium content business

  • Why closer data cooperation is good for the platform operator and channel owner partnership and will strengthen premium TV
  • Our initiative to make advanced data insights and advertising available to channel owners across Europe
  • The data and audience insights that improve advertising prospects, including the ability to target and link ad exposures to product sales
  • Insights that channel owners can use to improve commissioning, scheduling and content marketing, ultimately increasing audiences
  • How we benefit from advanced data: Churn reduction, pricing and packaging, a data-services revenue stream, stronger content partners.

Oliver Hansard, Vice President Data Services, Liberty Global


Using data technology and insights to better serve BBC audiences

  • How the audiences team at the BBC handles interactions with viewers and measures performance across all platforms
  • Making windowing decisions to broadcast premieres on iPlayer and enhance audience engagement
  • Making the most of Social Media: optimising engagement on SnapChat for BBC One and addressing challenges
  • The potential for sign-in functionality, customization, personalization and recommendations across BBC services
  • New technologies on the horizon: early adopters of VR/AR, 360 and 4K content and audience size

Nick North, Director of Audiences, BBC


Panel discussion: The impact of advanced data insights on the television business

  • Where is the ‘low hanging fruit’ in data analytics and insights – and which technology innovations will be the long-term game-changers?
  • How can media companies use richer data to increase audience engagement – is personalization the key to success?
  • Using rich data for commissioning, scheduling and content marketing: what % improvement is possible for content owners?
  • What data insights are helping media companies to launch new services, improve existing packages and reduce churn?
  • What are the main challenges when gathering, securing and organising data, and ensuring privacy compliance?
  • Who will master content and data first – TV or Silicon Valley; Do content owners and TV platforms need to cooperate more on data?

Sten Lawætz, Head of System Architecture, TV CPE, TDC
Sanjeevan Bala, Head of Data Planning and Analytics, Channel 4
Nick North, Director of Audiences, BBC
Steve Christian, SVP, Marketing , Verimatrix
Roland Sars, CEO, Media Distillery