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Session Two: New Content Horizons

Wolfson Theatre May 17, 2017 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

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Marco Frazier
Randel Bryan
Joanna Wells
Rhys Noelke
Tom Frazer
David Ball
Colin Dixon
Florence Le Borgne
Ofer Shayo
Dr William Cooper
Kent Steffen

This session will address how born-online media companies which were historically seen as challengers are becoming new aggregators or channels. It will also cover how traditional entertainment companies are fighting back and are preparing dramatic new distribution strategies and launching new services.

Session moderator: William Cooper, Founder and Chief Executive, informitv


11:00  Insight: Offering multi-screen, interactive TV experiences that go beyond consumer expectations

Kent Steffen, President of Digital Services, CSG International


11:10     Presentation: Understanding the Social TV phenomenon and its likely impact on television

  • Gauging the rise of Social TV including Facebook Live, Facebook Video tab, Snapchat ‘Stories’ and ‘Discover’, Twitter live streaming…
  • The reasons social media companies want to be in the television business, and their longer-term video ambitions
  • Why traditional content owners like Turner, Viacom and Sky are taking Social TV seriously as a distribution platform
  • What can a social media company really give a premium content owner in terms of reach and engagement, and does it cannibalize viewing elsewhere?
  • Whether Social TV will ultimately compete with or complement ‘traditional’ efforts to curate and aggregate TV and sell advertising against it

Colin Dixon, Founder and Chief Analyst, nScreen Media


11:25    Presentation: How Viacom is using Social TV to increase reach for programming and advertising

  • Our deal to deliver MTV and Comedy Central original programming to young, mobile-centric consumers via Snapchat Discover
  • The potential of social media apps as another form of digital distribution; What ‘social’ can give us that other platforms cannot
  • Why we are investing in original content for Snapchat Discover and what we want to achieve with it
  • The impact of making ‘tentpole’ events like the MTV Video Music Awards available to the world via Snapchat Live Stories

Tom Frazer, VP Strategy and Digital, Viacom
Joanna Wells, VP of Digital Content for MTV and Comedy Central, Viacom International Media Networks


11:50  Serving the expanding universe of premium video entertainment

  • Our expansion from traditional TV like ‘MasterChef’ to premium content network brands like ICON and ‘Legends of Gaming’
  • How born-online talent, fandom, special interests, new production economics and digital-first distribution has changed ‘TV’ forever
  • Our evolving digital distribution strategy, from YouTube channels to our own standalone app, to Pluto TV, Roku, Facebook, Snapchat…
  • How we monetize content, including with millennial-reach advertising and branded formats
  • Why we are helping third-party content networks like Awesomeness TV to expand internationally with local channels and original content
  • The ‘crossover’ content that is making the jump to TV, including beauty and lifestyle brand ICON, BEYONDcomedy and Awesomeness TV

 Randel Bryan, Managing Director, Endemol Shine Beyond UK


12:10  Strategic positioning of TV broadcasters in the OTT environment

  • Perceived opportunities for success

Florence Le Borgne, Head of TV & Digital Content Business Unit, IDATE


12:20    Panel discussion: How ‘traditional’ content owners can win in the digital world

  • What impact do online premieres and exclusives have on digital brands, are they necessary to compete online, and how many can you have without devaluing broadcast TV?
  • Social media apps are becoming curators and distributors of quality video, often with young user bases – what does this mean for content owners?
  • What are the biggest challenges when trying to balance direct-to-consumer initiatives with existing Pay TV partnerships and free-to-air broadcast distribution?
  • How do you maximise your revenue potential in the growing SVOD market: Netflix-as-your-partner, owned-and-operated multi-genre SVOD, genre-specific SVOD…
  • Do content giants need their own MCNs to meet changing youth expectations; Do they have the resources to compete against ‘kid-in-bedroom’ as well as Netflix?
  • When does it make sense to take a broadcast channel online-only, and how many pure-digital brands or programme formats could make the leap to broadcast TV?
  • Should channel owners compete with SVOD services by releasing a blockbuster linear series at once, online, so it can be binge-viewed like a box-set?
  • Who are the pure-digital aggregators that impress or scare you: Pluto TV, YouTube Red, Facebook Live, NOW TV, Hulu, Amazon Channels, Snapchat, TVPlayer…

Moderator: William Cooper, Founder and Chief Executive, informitv
David Ball, Distribution & Business Development, BBC
Marco Frazier, SVP of Distribution and Business Development, UK & Western Europe, AMC Networks International
Rhys Noelke, Senior Vice President Strategy, RTL Group
Ofer Shayo, VP & GM EMEA, Kaltura
Kent Steffen, President of Digital Services, CSG International