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Keynote Session: The Future of Aggregation

Wolfson Theatre May 17, 2017 9:00 am - 10:30 am

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Jonas Karlen
Richard Broughton
Marina Storti
Andy Thoms
Jeroen Ghijsen
Stéphanie Röckmann
Jeffrey Weber
Peter Szalay

The plenary morning session will look at the future value of content aggregation and how aggregators remain relevant in the face of increasing popularity of apps and direct-to-consumer services. The role of online aggregators will also be covered including some case studies about pay-lite/skinny bundles from traditional Pay TV operators and the Pay TV on-boarded – OTT marketplace model.

Session moderator: Richard Broughton, Partner, Ampere Analysis


9:00  Turning build-your-own online ‘next-generation TV bundles’ into a Pay TV opportunity

  • The trend towards consumer self-bundling of multiple SVOD subscriptions, and how it is affecting traditional Pay TV
  • The rationale for a ‘marketplace’ of onboarded OTT services and why this should be a priority for Pay TV operators
  • Evidence that consumers want their online viewing aggregated, and the potential for discounted bundles as an incentive.

Richard Broughton, Partner, Ampere Analysis


9:10  Bringing Digital-First Content to Pay TV platforms as a Curated, Linear Experience

  • The growth of digital-first content, the brands who are creating it and the people who are watching it
  • ZoneTV, making online-only linear channels available as a curated experience via the Pay TV set-top box and EPG, with on-demand controls
  • The content that complements traditional Pay TV: Copa90 football fan culture to fishing and photography from Bonnier Corp.
  • How we help online brands monetize content that is ‘onboarded’ onto Pay TV, and our channel expansion plans
  • The impact at Pay TV partners including AT&T, Comcast, Telus and Bell – can we broaden the appeal of traditional TV?

Jeffrey Weber, CEO, ZoneTV


9:25   What a premium content aggregator looks like in the 21st century

  • A more flexible approach to aggregation, serving different market segments with different technology platforms and brands
  • The UK homes where NOW TV is the primary device connected to TVs, serving Pay Lite and free DTT via a common UI home page
  • The power of the premium online aggregator to market content: A free day pass to watch The Open and a new £2.99 kids package
  • Creating new consumer touchpoints like Sky Kids, a TV Everywhere app dedicated to children and their content
  • New content to broaden the appeal of Pay TV including ladies sports, eSports, drone racing and youth brands like VICE and Machinima.

Marina Storti, Director of Strategy, NOW TV, Sky


9:40  The establishment and growth of an OTT giant in the Nordics

  • Understanding the Nordics, one of the most mature video online markets
  • A focus on original content: How Viaplay is taking on global challengers
  • Taking a leadership XVOD position in the Nordics with an offering spanning live-sport, film, series, original content, kids-content and fast-growing and ‘cross-over’ genres like UFC
  • Key success factors to grow the service from a start-up to become the leading Nordic Streaming Service
  • Our decision to give Viaplay a life of its own as a home for exclusive, original content
  • Original content successes, including premieres, from ‘Okkupert’ to’ Swedish Dicks’ and ‘Veni Vidi Vici’
  • What consumers think about Viaplay as an online service provider and as an original content creator

Jonas Karlen, CEO, Viaplay


9:55    Panel: Who needs aggregators, what value do they provide, and which companies will perform this role?

  • How many direct-to-consumer apps will anyone subscribe to and navigate; Is there a limit to ‘build-your-own’ next-generation TV bundling?
  • What ongoing value can an aggregator (who offers content from multiple media companies under one roof) give to consumers and also to broadcasters who have direct-to-consumer offers?
  • What is the impact when Pay TV operators ‘onboard’ OTT services onto their STB platforms; Where are the best partnership opportunities – popular SVOD, youth brands, new-to-TV genres…?
  • Is there room for both traditional Pay TV and new-to-aggregation virtual operators to offer traditional channels in zero-contract online bouquets, and how can they differentiate their services?
  • What impact could the Amazon Channels model have on the television industry, aggregating multiple online video services under a brand umbrella with single billing?
  • Facebook Live and Twitter live streaming provide new distribution opportunities – do they also represent a new kind of platform that will compete with existing aggregators?
  • What is the value of Google to broadcasters as an aggregator and digital distribution platform; In the absence of original content ambitions, is Google a natural ally or do advertising rivalries stand in the way?

Chair: Richard Broughton, Partner, Ampere Analysis
Jonas Karlen, CEO, ViaPlay
Jeroen Ghijsen, CEO, Metrological
Stéphanie Röckmann, Director Content & Media, Proximus
Andy Thoms, Entertainment & Media-EMEA Strategic Relationships, Google
Peter Szalay, Head of International Business, Espial