Analytics Data Compliance GDPR IP Rights Workshop

Workshop: Data Compliance

Seligman Theatre May 17, 2017 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

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John Enser
Sacha Wilson
Shaq Katikala
Luca Schiavoni
Chris Shire
Ben Keen

This workshop looks at how broadcasters and TV Operators can benefit from using data while staying compliant in the changing regulatory environment.

Session moderator: Ben Keen, Analyst & Advisor – Technology, Media & Telecoms


14:00    How media companies can harness personal data without breaking the law

  • What the law says about personal data and consumer privacy, and how the guiding principles are evolving
  • Implications for media companies when the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force
  • A practical guide to staying privacy compliant, including how you manage data and who can use it internally

Sacha Wilson, Senior Associate, Bristows LLP


14:15   Understanding your risks and liabilities – and those of technology partners – under GDPR

  • Why GDPR could become a matter for the boardroom, with its potential fines of 4% of global turnover
  • Past legal/regulatory actions against data-focused companies, the defences used and how cases were won and lost
  • What happens if a data services or technology partner fails you, or you fail someone else – understanding third-party risks and shared liabilities
  • Managing exposure to past compliance failures at companies you are acquiring or partnering with

John Enser, Partner in the commercial practice, Olswang solicitors


14:30   Practical experiences handling personal data in digital video and advertising

  • A practical guide to obtaining consents, sharing data and other disclosures in online video and advertising
  • What European companies can learn from the compliance experiences of U.S. video data pioneers, including in Smart TV
  • Case studies: media and ad-tech firms that dealt with privacy regulation – and their sometimes contradictory rules – successfully

Shaq Katikala, Privacy Lawyer & Data Scientist, Morrison Lee


14:45    Emerging data risks and how service providers and content owners can handle them

  • Evolving data risks for media companies, from cloud connectivity to privacy regulation and cybercrime
  • Are media companies and broadband providers taking data security seriously enough – and what defines those who are?
  • Strategies for building data security and regulatory compliance into service provider organisations
  • The data security complexities associated with an expanding IoT ecosystem

Luca Schiavoni, Senior Analyst – Regulation, Ovum


15:05     How the IoTSF is helping to create the ‘Internet of Trust’

  • Why the Internet of Things Security Foundation wants a security-first approach to the connected world
  • Our key security principles: Built-in at the start, fit-for-purpose, correctly ‘sized’ for the application, lifetime resilience
  • Work to create a security compliance framework and encourage best practice in connected consumer products and vulnerability disclosure
  • Our members, our working groups and our working practices – and what you could add to our efforts

Chris Shire , Biz Dev – Chipcard & Security at Infineon Technologies and Member, IoT Security Foundation