4k/UHD HDR HFR Next Generation Audio

Breakfast Briefing Day 2: UHD Masterclass

Seligman Theatre May 18, 2017 8:00 am - 9:00 am

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Arian Koster
Thierry Fautier
Benjamin Schwarz
Ian Nock

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UHD Masterclass

18th May 2017, Seligman Theatre – Royal College of Physicians, London



This breakfast briefing, organised in partnership with the Ultra HD Forum, is free to attend and we ask all attendees to register to confirm their spot at the briefing.

7:45     Arrival and registration


8:00     UHD Masterclass to discuss the following themes:

  • HDR, the 2017 topic for UHD, with learnings from the Ultra HD Forum’s 14 HDR demonstrations at NAB
  • Deploying live HDR in real world broadcast and IP environments
  • What’s next in UHD with insights into dynamic meta-data, Next-Gen audio and HFR


Chair: Benjamin Schwarz, Head of Comms, Ultra HD Forum
Arian Koster, Senior Product Owner -TV, KPN
Thierry Fautier, President, Ultra HD Forum
Ian Nock, Interop Working Group, Ultra HD Forum


To register, please fill out the below below and we will be in contact with logistics

  • Pick one that best describes your place of work.