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Breakfast Briefing Day 1: TBC

Breakout Theatre May 17, 2017 7:45 am - 9:00 am

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Steve Christian

This session is the 2016 Breakfast Briefing, which is available to watch back on-demand. View the entire discussion here

You can expect more details of the 2017 briefing in the next few weeks.


Panel: How does data analytics improve a media business and the television UEX?

  • One analyst firm reckons recommendation-driven guides will drive 75% of all TV viewing: is recommendation sufficiently smart and compelling?
  • What consumer-focused service innovations would you like to see that will rely on improved data analytics?
  • How can data analytics encourage consumers to watch more, spend more and churn less?
  • What kinds of data analytics deliver the most ‘bang for your buck’; Where should media companies invest their time and money first?
  • What are the main benefits for consumers, as viewers or subscribers, if the industry makes better use of data analytics?
  • What are the operational and security challenges as more companies need to gather data from a Pay TV and Smart Home?
  • Where is the ROI for set-top box audience measurement and other viewing-based data insights?
  • What difference will a good or bad data analytics strategy make to the value of media companies over the next three years?

Chair: Paul Collins, CME Director, IMGROUP
Arian Koster, Senior Product Owner for TV, KPN 

Steve Christian, SVP Marketing, Verimatrix
Thomas Helbo, CTO, Stofa
Charles Dawes, Senior Director International Marketing, Rovi
Paul Haddad, SVP & GM, Advanced Data Strategies, Cablevision Media Sales