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Breakfast Briefing Day 1: Security for IoT services

Breakout Theatre May 17, 2017 7:45 am - 9:00 am

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Steve Christian
Sten Lawaetz
Chris Shire
Parveen Kumar Gahlyan
Ken Munro
Jonathan Broughton

We ask all attendees to register to confirm their space to this briefing. There’s limited availability for non-Connected TV World Summit to attend. Please register your spot via the link below and we will follow up with logistics. There is no charge to attend this session.

7:45    Arrival and registration

8:00   Panel: Can the Foundations of Pay TV Security Address the Threats for IoT Services?

  1. With the proliferation of IoT services and increased awareness about the benefits they bring, how can the industry stay in control of downside risks exposed by security weaknesses?
  2. What are the different dimensions of IoT threats? How do you protect physical attacks on devices such as like pacemakers and car locks, scale up the protection of infinite number of smart devices like toasters and washing machines, and secure the full IoT Infrastructure?
  3. Are there existing technologies and solutions that can be repurposed to tackle IoT security attacks? Exploring the commonalities between pay TV services and IoT.
  4. How to anticipate attacks that have never happened before? Will applying advanced machine learning to scan for signals of threats or issues affecting performance help improve IoT attack anticipation?
  5. What are the main pillars of IoT Security? How do you secure device integrity, device or user authentication, the data communications link and the data itself that is collected by IoT devices?
  6. Can device makers and their system-on-chip (SoC) providers help if they deploy Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) or other forms of HW subsystems? How do you protect devices that can’t pre-integrate such features at the point of manufacture?
  7. How do you protect non IP centric devices (such as sensors)? Will introducing the Open Trust Protocol (OTrP) help?
  8. Who’s ultimately responsible for security and who’s going to pay for it? Will a certain level of security be mandated by governments, will consumers put pressure on manufacturers, or maybe a whole new category of insurance and underwriters?

Moderator: Jonathan Broughton, Senior Analyst for Home Entertainment – IHS Technology, IHS Markit
Steve Christian, SVP Marketing, Verimatrix
Sten Lawaetz, Head of System Architecture, Platform and TV CPE, TDC
Chris Shire , Biz Dev – Chipcard & Security at Infineon Technologies and Member, IoT Security Foundation
Parveen Kumar Gahlyan, Principal Engineer-Security and Conditional Access Systems, Broadcom
Ken Munro, Partner, Pen Test Partners LLP

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