2016 Entry Form


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Important admin notes:

The deadline for entries is midnight (Pacific Time), Friday, January 22nd, 2016.

If you are entering the same service/solution/product/etc. into more than one category you must use a separate entry form for each category.

A company can submit up to five entries in the 2016 awards.

Using the questions below, complete the entry offline and return by email to John Moulding. Please paste the answers into the body of the email or attach them as a Word or PDF document.

No photos, videos or other materials will be accepted as attachments – all optional collateral must be provided via links (due to file size constraints).

We will always acknowledge receipt of entries by email (usually within hours). If you do not receive this acknowledgement within 24 hours, please double-check that we have received your entry.

If you have any questions about this form or the awards or judging processes generally, contact John Moulding or by visiting this page.

Thank you.

Entry Forum

Please answer the following, adhering to the word count guidelines.

1. Please provide contact details for your awards liaison, who we can contact with any further questions.

2. State the category you are entering:

(i)        Video Technology Hero

(ii)       The Data-Driven TV Award

(iii)      Best TV/Video Service Update or Launch

(iv)      Contribution to User Experience

(v)       The Big Immersive TV Prize

3. Describe your nomination (e.g your product, service, research, standards work, etc.) (100 words max)

4. State when the subject of your entry was first announced and (where relevant) deployed, with dates. If this is a product or solution, please provide details of customers if you can. (50 words max)

5. Explain the significance of your nomination (e.g. product, service, research, standard, etc.) to the evolution of the television experience and the development of the television market. (250 words max)

6. Outline the key technology, business, creative or other innovations and achievements for your entry, with particular reference to ‘firsts’ or unique propositions. (250 words max)

7. Provide any additional information or video demonstrations in the form of links. If you are entering a service we would encourage you to provide access to a video demonstration, or at least screen shots or photos that illustrate the service and its most important features. Do not attach any files to your entry form as these cannot be accepted (due to file size constraints).


Judging Criteria

Judges will consider the need to: Reward innovation and pioneering spirit; Reward good business and market judgement; Reward services with obvious and compelling consumer benefits that advance the television experience; Reward technologies that enable service improvements and innovation and which strengthen business models; Reward research/studies that significantly further the understanding of advanced TV concepts; Pay particular regard to proven or potential market-makers and game-changers.

Awards Categories & Guidance