Awards Categories & Guidance

2016 Award Categories

Category Guidance

Video Technology Hero

Once again, we are looking for technology heroes – the solutions (or standards/specifications) that are solving the big problems or opening the door to the major opportunities in the television and video markets. The technology must be used to enable or support (directly or indirectly) the delivery of a television/video service. Technologies can come from every part of the delivery chain, from data centers and headend or playout facilities through broadcast or CDN networks to home routers and gateways and other end-user devices.


The Data-Driven TV Award

This award recognizes technologies, services or projects that demonstrate how data can be used to enhance a media business. Entries might cover the gathering, aggregation, processing or presentation of data and typical examples would include efforts to improve video service QoS and QoE, churn management, product and content marketing, search and recommendation, metadata management, content acquisition and advanced advertising (e.g. audience measurement including set-top box reporting, household profiling, audience segmentation, targeted advertising, sales attribution, etc.)


Best TV/Video Service Update or Launch

This award is for companies who have updated an existing TV or video service as well as those who have launched a new one. Recognizing that incremental upgrades will find it hard to compete with new services in terms of their overall impact and likely volume of innovation, the judges are being asked to judge any updates on narrower terms, considering the benefits of new features/approaches and their implications for the user experience and service. For both upgrades and new launches we are looking for business, technology, marketing or consumer experience achievements and the potential for evolving or changing television (for upgrades and launches) and the wider marketplace (for launches).


Contribution to User Experience

This category rewards service providers (for delivering) and technology/solutions providers (for enabling) notable advances in the entertainment experience related to television. It embraces user experiences on the main television screen, user experiences that rely on the combination of the main and secondary screens (i.e. ‘Second Screen’ and ‘Companion Screen’ experiences) and user experiences available on multiscreen devices. We will welcome examples from every part of the television spectrum, from immersive TV (e.g. UHD broadcast, UHD user interfaces) to a new programme guide or search facility, to a social media app integration. The judges will be looking for concepts (including unproven concepts, although additional credit will be given to ideas that are deployed and proven) that increase attention, engagement and loyalty, and which establish a closer relationship between a content owner (and their content) or service provider and the viewer/consumer. We will welcome any examples of how the relationship between a television/video related media company and consumer can be expanded, whether into new areas of entertainment (e.g. the integration of OTT SVOD services into a platform operator user interface) or into other parts of our lives (e.g. a TV user interface that encompasses some Smart Home features, or a multiscreen service that geo-tracks us and delivers weather and sports alerts during the day, wrapped within the media company brand, etc.)


The Big Immersive TV Prize

This category is for technology solutions (capture, storage, contribution, video processing, distribution, networks, decoding, display, etc.), proofs-of-concept, demonstrations, implementations, technical specifications/standards initiatives and marketing initiatives, etc., that will open the door to notably improved consumer viewing experiences. The experience must be ‘notably improved’ compared to typical broadcast HDTV. Entries could therefore relate to video that harnesses higher frame rates, higher resolutions, higher dynamic range and better audio, etc., using any delivery method (streaming or broadcast, on-demand, download or linear, e.g.). Services and technologies related to HDR, 4K, UHD, 3D, 8K and Virtual Reality would clearly fit into this category. The judges will be asked to favour technology/services/concepts with a reasonable possibility of being delivered over a wired or wireless network to consumer homes or devices within the next five years. Therefore ‘really big’ and radical video ideas are as welcome as a deployed 4K or UHD service.


Ad-Tech Hero

You cannot submit an entry to this category. Hubble Media, which owns Videonet, Future TV Advertising Forum and Future TV Advertising Forum Canada, is creating a shortlist of technologies for consideration by the judges. Our judges can also propose technologies that should be shortlisted. If you have an ad-tech solution you believe should be considered, please contact John Moulding before Monday, 14th December, 2015. We are looking for any technology (whether supplied by a vendor or deployed by an agency, trading desk, broadcaster, publisher, platform operator, etc.) that advances the cause of video advertising in any of its forms (interactive, interruptive, native, product placement, etc.) and displayed on any ‘media’ (television, online, mobile, social, etc.). We are looking for technologies with the proven capacity or potential to ‘move the needle’ in the video advertising marketplace, whether it means improving measurement or attribution, audience definition, targeting and reach, campaign management and delivery, impact and efficiency, etc.


Best Advanced Advertising Campaign

You cannot submit an entry to this category. In cooperation with our judges, Videonet (part of Hubble Media, which also owns Future TV Advertising Forum and Future TV Advertising Forum Canada), is creating a shortlist of campaigns that demonstrate the potential of advanced video advertising concepts and technologies to improve video-centric marketing. We are looking for campaigns that delivered on ambitious objectives. We will favour campaigns that were innovative and ‘broke new ground’. If you were involved in a campaign that you would like to be considered, please contact John Moulding before Monday, 14th December, 2015.

Special citations

There are two specific technology battles that the television industry must win – against the live events pirates and against the ad-blockers. For this reason we will be asking the judges to highlight (cite) entries they think deserve separate recognition for addressing these challenges. We are also asking them to highlight entries they think help to make TV more millennial-friendly. In each of these three areas, the most cited entry will be recognized with:

Special citation for ‘Beating the Ad-blockers’

Special citation for ‘Beating the live events pirates’

Special citation for ‘‘Making TV more millennial-friendly’.