About the Conference

Connected TV World Summit 2017 is about the business models, ecosystem relationships, services and technology that will define the next decade of TV, and how media companies can triumph in the new world order that is emerging out post-convergence disruption.

We are focused on how video distribution is changing, the ongoing value of aggregation (and who the future aggregators will be), how content will be funded at a macro-level (including whether ad-funded television is viable, long-term), how services can be better monetized at a micro-level, who will produce the must-view content of tomorrow, how video storytelling could be revolutionized, and how costs and agility can be improved at every level of the value chain.

Connected TV World Summit is the No.1 thought-leadership event for the future of TV. You will hear from the people who are pioneering new strategies and partnerships and exploiting new market opportunities This international event brings together platform operators (Pay TV and free-to-air), broadcasters, channel/content owners and online service providers. After two days of debate and networking, you will leave with meaningful insights that will help to inform your own plans.

Connected TV World Summit 2017, March 17th & 18th, London.