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Bulgari Hotel May 16, 2017 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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Nick Herm
David Purdy
Ivan Verbesselt
Nicholas Walters
Colin Dixon
Michiel Bakker
Kristin Dolan
Sameer Pabari
Charles Balchin
Gert Marien
Simon Trudelle
Nigel Walley
Gerry O’Sullivan
Jon Watts

TV Pathfinders 2017 – The New World Order

An exclusive invite-only event on May 16th at the Bulgari, Knightsbridge

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TV Pathfinders 2017 is about finding your place in the new world order, a world where social media apps want to be television curators, Netflix wants to be the new HBO (or bigger), where you can subsidize a premium content business by selling carpet cleaners and kids in their bedrooms threaten broadcaster advertising revenues. It is an environment where the right ‘attitude’ can build you a millennial TV brand and where just about everyone wants to be a television maker or distributor.

Technology convergence has happened and we are finally starting to see the full commercial and creative implications. At this invitation-only event we explore the strategies that will help platform operators and channel owners traverse the new landscape. Among other things, you will hear media thought-leaders debating:

  • Whether the trend towards multiple-SVOD subscriptions is a precursor to a wave of re-aggregation
  • What happens when Alexa starts recommending TV programmes and offering to tune our television
  • Whether broadcast groups should embark on a new phase of channel expansion for the streaming age
  • How channel owners can compete with Netflix and Amazon for blockbuster commissions


Join us for a strategy deep-dive in the relaxed surroundings of London’s Bulgari Hotel, with all discussions covered by the Chatham House Rule.


14:00 – 14:25 – Arrival, Teas and coffee


14:25 Chairman’s Introduction

Gerry O’Sullivan, Independent Consultant


14:30  NAGRA welcoming introduction

Ivan Verbesselt, Senior Vice President Group Marketing, NAGRA


14:45 Insight: Where Netflix and Amazon are going next

  • Netflix wants to become a new HBO and is getting close, but what then?
  • How Amazon’s platform strategy could evolve and what it means for ‘traditional’ channels and aggregators
  • Analysing the new economics: content subsidized by iPhone chargers, and ‘made-for-global’ sales model

Guy Bisson, Research Director, Ampere Analysis


15:05 Panel: The threats to a 21st century aggregator and how you overcome them

  • What threat do YouTube TV, Amazon Channels and Snapchat Discover pose to Pay TV operators and their position as the alpha-aggregator?
  • Is the trend towards multiple-SVOD subscriptions a threat to aggregators, or the precursor to a wave of re-aggregation – and who will the ‘re-aggregators’ be?
  • Does Pay TV need to broaden its appeal; What online, youth-first brands are suitable for ‘onboarding’; What value would eSports, VICE and drone racing add?
  • So you onboarded Netflix – how will you ensure people keep watching the weaker channels in your bouquet, especially those dependent on repeats?
  • What are the UEX innovations that will encourage everyone to watch more Pay TV content
  • Amazon can subsidize content by selling carpet cleaners and BT can part-fund it with broadband, but how do you compete if you have to sell TV at its real cost?
  • What happens when Alexa recommends TV programmes and offers to tune our television – is Pay TV ready for the rise of the robots?
  • Are Pay Lite services being too conservative with their content choices – why not use them to experiment more with edgy brands or longer-tail content?

Moderator: Jon Watts, Director and co-founder, MTM
Gert Marien, Incubation Manager – TV, Advertising & Telco Cloud, Proximus
Nick Herm, Director of Strategy, Sky
David Purdy, Chief International Growth Officer, Vice Media
Michiel Bakker, CEO, Ginx TV
Simon Trudelle, Senior Product Marketing Director, NAGRA


15:50 Break: Networking and drinks


16:20 Insight: The threats to channel owners from next-gen content discovery and UI personalization

  • Assessing the impact for ‘traditional’ media when Alexa starts recommending TV and offering to change channels.
  • Should content owners fight or welcome the machine-curated ‘personal channel’ that cherry-picks their content?
  • The role for channel brands in a world with more on-demand, SVOD and universal search.

Nigel Walley, CEO, Decipher Group


16:35  Insight: The likely impact of Social TV on ‘traditional’ media

  • Understanding the social media audience: who they are, the likely viewing context and the kind of content they want inside a social media app
  • How the distribution deals work: do you get paid for carriage, who sells and serves the advertising, what are the revenue shares, who sees the data?
  • How we think broadcasters should use curated social TV destinations like Snapchat Discover, and how they can exploit real-time streaming like Facebook Live

Colin Dixon, Founder & Chief Analyst, nScreen Media


16:50  Panel: How channel owners protect their brands and audiences in a fast-changing distribution landscape

  • What is the future of channel brands in a world of SVOD, universal search and efforts to deliver machine-curated personalized channel schedules?
  • Broadcast groups launched new channels during digital switchover; should they diversify again for the streaming age with youth and special-interest brands, starting inside their apps?
  • Terrestrial TV lost sports, music, movies and cartoons to Pay TV and Netflix is targeting drama, reality, talk shows and comedy – how do smaller mainstream channels survive?
  • Can Netflix and Amazon sustain their content spend; How can broadcasters compete for blockbuster commissions; How do channels maintain dominance in local productions?
  • Should broadcasters compete in the ‘kid-in-bedroom’ market; Do they have the necessary skills in-house for the low-budget productions needed; Should they acquire MCNs?
  • Do people have a different entertainment mindset when they are inside social media; Will off-the-shelf content work for social TV or is this a place to test formats and boundaries?
  • Lower production costs and streaming will mean more live sports, with entire tournaments brought to the viewing public – who will deliver and aggregate them?

Moderator: Gerry O’Sullivan, Independent Consultant
Charles Balchin, Head of Programmes, IMG Productions
Nicholas Walters, CEO, Hopster TV
Simon Trudelle, Senior Product Marketing Director, NAGRA
Sameer Pabari, SVP Business Development at Eurosport, Discovery Networks International
Kristin Dolan, CEO, 605


17:45    Networking cocktail reception


19:00   Full-course dinner with select wines